Warning: Don’t Call Any [Copywriter] Until You Read This!


Because you can write your copy too… even if you are not copywriter.


Read this post and you will know the secret in two minuts. Its easy.

I promise you!

So, dear reader,

My name is Marcel Felix and I am Freelance Copywriter in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

And one day, I have had an epiphany … an illumination.

I never felt this before. It was like a Big Good News. Like a Gospel.


Because I was so impressed when I read in the book of Gary Halbert, “How to Make Maximum Money in Minimum Time!” this article:

“Warning: Don’t Call Any Chiropractor Until You Read This!”


I finally findet the best advertorial. Or … if you want, the best template for posts, articles and so on, that I can modify and adapt for my readers.

I findet the beste structure of an article, the best way to present what is usefull for people.

And finaly I findet the best (psichology) words that influence evrybudy.

So I really believe that for you (and for me) this is the perfect advertorial.

You can modify and adapt for your advertising and for or clients.

Warning! We never should copy/paste but …

We can inspire, rewrite, and adapt from the bests copywriters (keeping the structure) and we can put the words that I believe are good for our readers.

Do you understend?

This is the big benefit; rewrite and adapt for your needs.

Actually, Gary Halbert wrote this advertorial like example for inspiration, for his son Bond.

So, in this image, you can see this article in original (except colors and my annotations).

Warning: Don’t Call Any [blank] Until You Read This by Gary Halbert
Warning Don’t Call Any [Copywriter] Until You Read This!

And hire is how I modified and adapt for me this article.

You can do too.

Where you see [Copywriter] write your profession, or the problem, pain or your solution.

In red color is the structure of this advertorial modified,

So folow this structure.

1. Grab the reader attention with a powerful headline

Warning: Don’t Call Any [Copywriter] Until You Read This!

2. Show the problem of the reader

Did you know that not all [copywriters] are the same? Yes, it’s true!

Some [copywriters] only know just [copywriting].

While others [copywriters] are more advanced and know not only [copywriting] but also [SEO Copywriting] … a new technique that [helps websites to gain better positions in search engines].

3. Describe their pain

Do you [pay a lot of money every day] for [copywriting] but your [website not convert visitors into customers?]


The answer its simple

4. Present the new opportunity

You see, this new technique [SEO Copywriting] should be used [on your website to improve your position in search engines].

The benefit is [double, triple or more visits to your website in the next months! And more visits mean more customers].

That’s the good news.

5. Only by new mechanism

The bad news is that there are only [three good] [copywriters] in [Baden Wurttenberg] who know this new technique.

And there is only one [here in the Stuttgart area].

So if you need fast help you should call at 0151 – 456 89 446 and make an appointment with Mr. Marcel Felix who is the only [copywriter] in Stuttgart knowing this new “Grow in search Engines” technology.

6. Free Offer

By the whay, the first [consultation is free].

So, call now at 0151- 45689446


That was the template inspired by Gary Halbert.

So, what to do now?

Just …

  1. Copy and paste this template
  2. Modify it for your business/product/service
  3. Adapt it for your prospects

Let me know in the comments if it was usefull for you.

Thanks! All the best!

Marcel Felix

P.S. By the way, don’t forget …

Be kind and take care of our planet!

God bless you!

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