How to make an online shop with WordPress (AIDA Framework)

Chapter 1: Introduction to E-Commerce and WordPressAttention: Ready to discover a world where your creative dreams can turn into a thriving online store? Get ready, because we’re about to open the door to the exciting universe of e-commerce and WordPress.Interest: Have you ever wondered how people are selling everything from handmade crafts to cutting-edge gadgets without needing a physical store? It’s all about e-commerce—the art of buying and selling online. And guess what? It’s not just for the big players; even you, yes you, can dive into this digital marketplace and carve out your own success story.Desire: Imagine having your unique creations showcased on a virtual stage that’s open 24/7. Imagine customers from around the world discovering your products, falling in love with what you offer, and hitting that «Buy Now» button with a grin. With e-commerce, the possibilities are endless, and your passion can become a global sensation.Action: Get ready for an adventure that’ll turn you into an e-commerce superstar. Throughout this book, we’re going to walk you through every step, starting from setting up your online presence with WordPress. We’ll hold your hand as you choose the perfect theme, showcase your products, ensure secure payments, and even master the art of digital marketing. Your journey to e-commerce stardom begins now!

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