How To Find New Clients

Story: When I started to sell something, I present my product in the street, or I put flyers in newsletters box.

Without any experience, courses or books read about selling and marketing.

I learned by experimenting every day, speaking with new people every day.

How To Find New Clients
How To Find New Clients

I find new clients in the streets of Bucharest between 97-99 about the Communist Era in Romania.

And I find New Clients reparting flyers in Madrid when I emigrated for 12 years in Spain.

Problem: At this time I don’t have had any formation about selling and marketing. I never read before a book about this and I never make any course about “how to sell”

New Mechanism (a new way of making money): But I discovered the secrets of finding new clients simply by going outside of my (rented) room and showing the product to people in the street or … I put the thousands of flyers in the box newsletter.

And I tested, and I tested again, I speak with people, I learn and I test again.

Lessons: With every new client, I learn something new about how to speak when you sell, what to speak when you sell, and so on.

So I discovered this new life to work for me, to be independent, whout chef and horary. I like it.

It was not easy. But fascinant. Every day I begant to ask God to help me to find a new client. And He du it! 🙂

New Story: Now I teach to my son my secrets about How to find new clients or customers.

I will tell you step by setp may secrets with details.

See You!

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