How to Collect From Social Security at Any Age

Would you like to know how much money you have invested in Social Security right to the penny?

Then would you like to know how to get the most from that investment including all the brand new Social Security benefits?

Now you can do both by using the short easy coupon at the bottom of this page.

Hire is the way it works:

The left half of the coupon will be sent to the proper government office. They will run a check on your account and then send you a report in a confidential sealed envelope.

This report will tell you how much of your earnings have been recorded in your Social Security account per year. There is no charge for this service, not even postage.

The right half to the coupon will be used as a shipping label to send you a copy of a new book entitled, «How to collect from the Social Security at any age»

If you think that you have to wait until retirement age to start collecting your Social Security benefits, this book will really open your eyes.

Hire are some of the little known facts about Social Security you will find out about in this book:

  • How to increase the amount of your payment if you are already on Social Security.
  • How to collect your share of the brand new Social Security benefits just passed by Congress.
  • How to qualify for Social Security disability pensions at any age.
  • How to increase your Social Security benefits
  • How to report your Farm income for Social Security.
  • How to make your whole family eligible for Social Security benefits, even your youngest children
  • How to replace a lost Social Security card
  • How to replace a los Social Security Check
  • How to get a refund if you have overpaid your Social Security taxes. (Study show that two out of three people overpay)
  • How to figure out what your Social Security Retirement payments should be.
  • Should you tattoo your Social Security number on your body?
  • What papers do you need in order to file a Social Security claim?
  • How ten million people who are only 30 years old, on the average, collect Social Security.
  •  Should you get a divorce in order to get more Social Security? (a lot of people already have)
  • Should you have two Security cards?
  • How to get free services wich are available from Social Security.
  • How to make sure your employer is not cheating you on your Social Security.
  • How you may be cheating your self out of your Social Security benefits.
  • When are the five times you should get in touch with your Social Security office?
  • How to work and still get Social Security benefits.
  • How to cash in on Social Security even if you are never paid a penny into it.
  • How to get hospital and medical insurance for the aged.
  • How students between the ages of 18 and 22 get Social Securitz cash benefits
  • How to get the special Social Security benefits that are onlz for veterans

Asthough tis book can mean hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars to zou, it is priced at only 3$.

  • Remember it si not enough to qualify for your Social Security benefits.

To get your benefits, you must know …

  • How to apliy for them.

The book tells you how to qualify, who to contact – including all necessary addresses and what to say

This a 100% No risc offer.

If you don’t like the book, return it and your 3$, will be immediately refundet.

YOu will still get the confidential report on your Social Security account.

If you do not take advantage of your new Social Security benefits, you are only cheating yourself, after all, you have already paid for them.

It is easy to start getting your new social security benefits.

Just feel out both parts of the coupon below.

Mail the coupon and 3.00$ in cash check or money order to The Good News Publishing CO. 1818 Whiple Ave. NW Canton, Ohio, 44708.

The book will be sent to you immediately by return mail.

Your confidential Social Security report will be mailed to you separately as soon as the government has finished checking on your account.

Checks and money orders should be made payable to the Good News Publishing Company.


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