How to build a successful e-commerce website with WordPress (ABT framework 2)

Chapter 2: Getting Your Online Shop Ready with WordPressSetting Up Your WordPress Website:Welcome to the exciting part of your e-commerce adventure—making your online shop with the help of WordPress. This chapter is all about the first steps: picking a name for your shop, finding a home for it on the internet, putting WordPress in place, and getting to know how to use it.Choosing a Domain and Hosting:And: Think of your shop’s name as its special badge. For example, if your shop is all about handmade crafts, a name like «» tells people what you’re about.But: But don’t worry if you’re confused by all the choices. There are lots of possible names and places to host your shop, which can seem a bit overwhelming.Therefore: Therefore, let’s make it simpler. Your shop’s name should tell people what you sell. Once you’ve got that, choose a hosting service like Bluehost or SiteGround to give your shop a home on the internet.Installing WordPress:And: Think of WordPress like a super tool that helps you build your shop. It’s like having your own workshop where you create everything.But: But if the idea of setting it up makes you nervous, don’t be! It’s normal to feel unsure, especially if you’re new to this.Therefore: Therefore, we’re here to help. Setting up WordPress is like following step-by-step instructions. If you choose Bluehost, you can even set it up with just one click!Navigating the WordPress Dashboard:And: Once you’re inside WordPress, it’s like you’re in the control room of your shop. You can do everything from here!But: But don’t worry if it seems a little confusing at first. There are lots of buttons and options that might look strange.Therefore: Therefore, think of us as your guides. We’re here to show you around the control room. We’ll teach you how to make pages, add things to your shop, and make it look just how you want.Conclusion:This chapter is like laying the foundation for your shop. You’ve given it a name, found a place for it online, and brought WordPress on board. Now that you know your way around a bit, get ready to learn more in the next chapters.We’ll soon be diving into making your shop look amazing, filling it with things to sell, and making sure your customers can pay you safely. The journey has just begun, and your e-commerce adventure is in full swing!

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