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For the first time ever …

Eccentric Millionaire Reveals

His Secret 1,8 Milion

Cryptocurrency Script

If follow my script below, you could turn 100 dollars into a retirement fortune  in the next 12 months … while minimizing your risk

James Altucher, Chripto Milionaire 

Warning: This Opportunity despairs on January 31, 2019, 04.00 p.m.

Dear reader,

With dozen of digital currencies exploding as high 3,475%. 21,611 and even 81,465…

Historians will call today’s cryptocurrency market the biggest BOOM ever!

And if you are missing out …

You could be chatting yourself out fo the only chance you’ll EVER have …

To turn a single 100$ into a retirement fortune … in a matter of monts.

And it couldn’t be easier.

even if you know nothing about cryptocurencies.

all you have to do is follow my simple 3 step script you see below.

Because every single BOOM throughout history has followed this script.

The stock market BOOM in the roaring 20…

The tech boom in the 1990s…

The housing boom in the 2000s…

And now in the booming cryptocurrency market is fallowing this exact same 3 step script.

Using this roadmap, I already made an investment that returned a total of 1,8 million…

From one single cryptocurrency trade!

And before you guess, it was not Bitcoin … «the grandaddy» of all criptocurrencies.

You see Bitcoin gained a lot of publicity after it turned many regular folks into millionaires, as the Economist Magazine says

Anyone clever or lucky enough to have bought 1000 $ of Bitcoins in 2010, when the price stood at 0,05, would now have a stash worth $46 milion.

The thing is …

The fast money in Bitcoin has already made.

It was easy to make a Iquique fortune when Bitcoin was trading for pennies.

But now that the digital currency is trading around 4000$.

It will be harder for you to make millions from bitcoin going forward.

but if you missed the bitcoin boom, don’t worry..

Because this year hundreds of smaller criptocurrences have popped up.

And unlike the expensive bitcoin

Many of this laesser known digital currencies are trading for pennies!

In fact I recently bought another cryptocurrencies for just $2 cents.

And is already up 800% … in just three weeks.

Many other cryptos are trading for pocket charge.

That means you could get started with a single $1000 bill …

And if you follow my proven 3 step script …

You could cash out with a retirement fortune just a few months for now.

Just like what happened with early Bitcoin investors…

I know that is a huge claim

But this kind of get rich quick opportunity is ALREDY happening

Look what happened with Verge, a new criptocurency that improved upon Bitcoin privacy technology.

Most people have never heard of …

But had you invested a single $100 bill earlier this year …

You could have cached out with $57,236…

In a little more two months

Its that incredible?

In my entire 30+ year career on Wall Street … I never seen any other investment that could make as much as 572 times your money … in just a couple of months.

And Verge is not the only cryptocurrency that’s booming.

Look what happened with DigiByte, a digital currency designed to protect its users against cyber threats.

just a few months ago, you could have bailoned to as much as $30,628

Again, this explosion happened in a matter of months.

and you can make even more money, if you are a little more ambitious.

The mere you put in… the higher your gains.

In the case of DigyByte, for example …

You could have turned a 2000 investment into a $621,578 retirement fortune.

Most people can’t make that kind of money in their lifetime.

And yet you could have done in just a couple of months earlier this year …

Amazing, right?

Something similar happened with another cryptocurrency called Nexus…

Had you invested 100$ when it was trading for pennies ,,,,

You could have wolked away with 66.922

Invest a little more, say $2000 …

And you’d be looking at an incredible payout of more than $1,3 million…

Imagine …

You a certified millionaire in a matter of months … from one single trade.

Do you see now way historians will call this the biggest financial boom ever?

And hire is the thing …

As incredible as this gains are …

Thats just a small test of whats coming in the next 12 months ..

How do I know that ?

Because so far criptocurencies are following a script that has been proven over, over and over again.

Throughout every single financial boom in history …

And according with this script …

We are on the Verge of a Massive Buyng Frenzy… Starting with a Single Event in January 31.

Even though one of my investments already returned $1.8 million from a single cryptocurrency trade …

I expect to make much more in the coming months …

Especialy after January 31.

Thats when a single event is set to send criptocurencies into an epic parabolic move.

Il give you more details in a moment.

But what you need to know right now, is that Im not just  making some sort of far dechted guess ..

Thats all part of my 3 step script I’ve been telling you about.

And while most people don’t know to use this simple roadmap, every single boom in history has fallowed this script ..

With no exception..

Simply put, if you follow this script ..

You’ll have a chance to turn 100$ into a retirement fortune in the coming months ..

All while minimizing your risk.

Thats the good news …

Now hire is the bad news …

Like every single boom in history, this criptocurency bonanza wasn’t last forever.

In fact, ti could be all over by next year.

And when its over, you will never see a quik rich opportunity like this again…

Not in your lifetime..

What does that mean for you?

It means today you have a very small window of opportunity to act …

One that’s closing wit each passing day … in fact …

Every Day you Wait, someone Else is Growing Rich from Criptocurrencies

Just take a look at the recent gains from some of these digital currencies …

Here is a graphic proof ..

There are not annual gains.

There are not monthly gains.

This are gains that in a 24 hour period.

Some of this cryptocurencies are jumping 28%… 49% … and even 90% …


Look at your retirement statement right now.

I have no idea what you are doing with your money.

But I guarantee you’ll regret it for the rest of your life…

Thats I’m writing this urgent message …

To show you how to use my proven 3 step script ..

The same script that helüed my team of venture capitalist poket 1,8 million in a meather of months

But Before I Give You All The Details I Should Probably Introduce Myself

Hi, I’m James Altucher.

If my name sound familiar mybe you’ve read one of my 18 books including best sellers The Power of No Chose Youself

Maybe you’re read some of my articles published in The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times And The York Obseerver…

Or listened to my podcast «The James Altucher Shaow» wich has more then 20 million downloads .

If you look me up online, you see that the popular website Wikipedia describeme as …

«A hedge found manager, entreprenor, best selling author venture capitalists and podcaster who was founded or cofounded more than 20 companies »

I guess they forget to mantauin I’m also computer nerd.

I wrote my first computer program in 1982 on an Apple II +

And I’ve been coder and hacker for the past 35 years

I’m telling you this because when it come to criptocurencies …

Thats the big deal.

You see this digital currencies are created by computers programers,

That men’s you can only fully understand them if you can read the code behind each currency.

And that its my bread and butter.

I even know many of the computer geeks  who are actually developing these currency.

And thanks to my nerdy background, I’ve been neck deep in cryptocurencies since 2013.

In fact that that same year I created what was probably the first bitcoin online store …

Where I presold my book  Chose Yorself exclusively on Bitcoin.

At the time, CNBC even invited me to talk about it on live tv.

The anchor was totally skeptical of Bitcoin.

He insinuated I didn’t really care about cryptocurencies … and was just a pulling a marketing stunt.

You can see my schoking response in the 30 second clip below

While I was telling everyone Bitcoin would succeed..

The mainstream media was seeing the exact oposite.

A contributor for Business insider called Bitcoin «something strange» And they cuestiioned «»why anyone will think is useful»

A CNN op.ed said it was «a big scam designed to enrich  its shadowy creators» and a «»<bubble that could soon pop»

And slate published an article with the headline «Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme – the internet favorite currency will colapse»

So if you missed the internet Bitcoin boom, its not your fault .

The mainstream media simply «brainwashed » most Americans into thinking Bitcoin was a scam.

Well the people who ignored the clueless mainstream media …

And listened to what I said on CNBC instead…

would be up 3,710 % today …

Enough to turn a small retirement fortune!

I’m telling you this because I want to realize that the mainstream media is clueless when it come to new technologies.

case in point…

Let Me Show You One More Examples Where I Was Actually Mocked on Live Tv

In 207, shortly after Yahoo offered to buy Facebook for 1 billion…

I went on CNBC and predicted the company would be wort at least 100$ bilion

They thought Im crazy. Ant I was actually mocked on live tv.

You can see the the short 30 second clip below (its quite entertaining)

Foday Facebook is worth more than $400 billion …

And those who bought share 5 years ago, are up 870%

A few years after I made my prediction, CNBC published this headline … admiting I was rigt.

Altucher Called Facebook $100 Bilion Company in 2007

Bottom line…

Dont expect mainstream  media to show you how to make a fortune from new teach trends including digital currencies ..

Because they are allwais letter to the party.

Withot my 3 steps script, they are lost.

Not to mention that there is a lot of misinformation out of there…

Some of my followers are getting scamed into investing in the wrong criptocurencies.

Thats what Ive made my mission to reveal the TRUTH about making money in this boom market.

Its time for me to set the record straight.

So please pay close attention…

Beause in the next few minutes, I will show you how to use the same script my team of ventures capitalists used to bank $1,8 million in a matter of onts

I will show you what II am doing wit my own money …my family fortune … the money I plan to leave to my kids and grankids.

Than you can decide for yourself if this is right for you .

But the true is …

Dozens ao criptocurencies are exploding 3,475, 21,611 and even 81,465bin matter of monts.

tale a look…

The few people that understand whats going on are already making a lifchenging fortune

People like Alan L, a 47 years old San Franciscan

Less then a year ago, he bought  three digital currencies … Ether Golem and Gnosis.

Within six months, he turned his $8,500 initial investment into 7,5 milion.

Theat is a return of 88.000 % … in a matter of months

Incredible RigT?

Sean I, from New York scored big wins in criptocurencyes like Game, litecoin, Riple and Degecoin.

And he was able to turn his initial stake of $15000 into 3 million fortune

In less then two years.

After becoming cripto millionaire he said:

Anibody right now with half a mind and least for figures can click some buttons and get in on this inevitable exponential rise in crypto and make an insane amount of money.

As amazing as this gains are …

That’s just the beginning …

A small taste of what’s coming .

Because on February 2, there is a single event taking place at precisely 4 p.m.

And it could trigger a mad rush into cryptocurencies.

If you take a position right now …

In the right criptos (I will show you wich one) …

You could make a retirement fortune in the next 12 months.

And don’t worry if you never invested in cripto currencies before

Even if you have no clue what a digital currencies is …

You could still wolk away with a life changing fortune…

Becauze I put togeder an exclusive beginers guide package just for you.

And I like to Send you this criptocurencies package FREE of charge …

It includes my brand new book called Criptocurencies 101 How to make a fortune from digital currencies (not available in Amazon or anywhere else)

And …

A never before released 6 video series Masterclass on Criptocurencies, where I will work you step by step through the entire proces.

As far as I know, there is nothing like this out there …

I could probably charge hundred of dollars for this package.

But for reasons that will become clear soon, I want you to have it for free.

Il show you how to clame it in just a moment.

First let me show you how this criptocurency works..

Making monez with criptocurencies Could Be as Easz as 123

The boom in criptocurencies is following the same script that has plazed out over and over again.

You see every boom follows a sequence of tree stagesFirst only early enthusiasts are courageous enough to invest in the new trend .

That is stage number 1

Then institutional investors (the so called smart money) jump in

Thats stage number 2

Finnaly the public joins the party triggering a massive explosion in price

Thats stage nr 3

If you know how to use this roadmap, you could make an absolute fortune ..

And to help you understand how this123 sequence works …

Let me show you what happened during 1990 booom in tech stocks.

In the mind 1990, the morning show NBC Today had a segment  where one of the anchors asked «What is the internet anyway»

Whaile most people were dismissing the tecnologi as fas…

Early adapters like myself were heavily investing in it .

In 1995, I correctly predicted every company would need a website. So I started my first internet company to help big corporations online.

Thats how I ended up building the first websites for American express, hbo, sony and Disney, among others.

Thats was stage one of the boom.

Only when the Netscape went public in late 1995 did people outside Silicon Valey start taking the internet seriosly.

Thats institutional investors started to join the party …

With pension fonds and venture capitalists making a fortune when companies like Yahoo and amazon went publik.

The additional flow of money from the smart money helped push tech stocks even higher.

Thats was stage nr 2 of the boom.

But the public is still not participating

In June 1998, for example mainstream economist Paul Krugman predicted the internet impact economy would be no grater than the fax mashine

I wasn’t until 1999 that the masses finally started to invest heavily in tech stocks …

With more people jumping into the market …

Tech stocks jumped even higher …

Attracting more and more people wanting to get piece to the action.

And that was the third and most explosive stage to the boom …

With the Nasdack soaring more than 85% in 1999 alone.

Im telling you this because my reserchshows that criptocurencies are following this exact same script …

First early enthusiasts ..

Then Institutional investors …

And finally the public.

So keep this sequence in mind …

Because in just a moment, I’ll show you how you can use this simple script to make a retirement fortune … in almost no time.

There is no need to risc your hard earned money trying to guess when this currencies will move …

Because Every Single Boom in History Has Followes This Script The So Colled …

roaring 20s followed this some roadmap…

First only early enthusiasts invested in the new technology of the time, such a radio, the car and easy access to electric power.

Then in 1924 institutional investors jumped in …

Finnaly, in the late 1920s the news started reporting stories of overnight fortunes.

And regular folks started to wonder: Why not me?

They started borrowing money just to buy stocks. The result?

Stocks went straight up. In 1928 alone, the stock market doubled.

And its not just stok booms that follow this 3 step script, either. The US housing boom also followed this roadmap…

Take a look …

The biggest jump in housing prices happened from 2003 to 20006 …

When we entered stage 3 of the boom … and flipping houses became a national obsesion.

And is not jus hire in US.

Something similar happened during the historic boom in Japaniese stocks…

With the masses pushing stocks strait up during stage 3… in the 1980s

This script is so reliable that its go back centuries…

Just look what happened with shares of the Sout Sea Companye in 1970…

And with the boom in tulip bulbs in Holand during early 1600s.

Isn’t that incredible?

No matter what asset class …

No matter the geografic location…

And no matter what what year the boom happened..

Every single boom through history has followed the same script.

It works 1000% of the time.

And in each one of those booms, people who know how to use this script walked away with a fortune.

Thouse who didn’t … lost their money.

I’am Telling You This Because This Script Is Playing Out Again RIGHT Now in the Booming Cryptocurencies Market!

So where are we now in this digital currency boom?

Let me wolk you through tree stages, using Bitcoin as an example …

When bitcoin «went public» in 2010, very few people understood the oportunity.

Much like the internet in 199, nost people dismissed it as a useless technology.

Only early enthusiasts invsted in Bitcoin…

People like Brain Z, form San Francisco.

Back in 2010 he bought about 20.000 Bitcoin…

When the digital currency was trading just for over 15 cents.

Well that initial investment of $3000 isnow worth as astounding $85,9 milion.

He now spends his dais traveling the world in ultra luxurious style … stayng exclusively in 5 star suites. He says:

«I have everything I ever dreamed of» I fly all over the world visiting friends, I do whatever I want wit my time and I never have to worry about money for the rest of my life.»

Imagine if that happened to you!

That could be your reality a few months from now…

But only if you invest in the right smaller criptocurencyes … the one that are still cheap.

Because the truth is … the big money in Bitcoin has already been made by early enthusiasts.

That was stage one of the boom.

We’ve moved into stage 2 around 2014 …

When institutional investors, aka «the smart money» started investing in Bitcoin.

Let me show you how…

The Smart Money is going All in

What started in 2014 has only intensified this year.

You see the smart money is not just looking at Bitcoin anymore.

With hundreds of criptocurences exploding 3,475%, 21,611% and even 81,465% …

They are now investing in these smaller, lasser known digital curencies.

Forbs even published the following headline recently…

Crypto Boom

And went on to say :

«Given how many new cripto millionaires have been minted … old hands in finance who want in on this new world of value are launching funds»

Aside from these 15 new hedge funds..

There are more in pipeline !

Ance all those 70 funds get set up, billions in new capital will flow into these criptocurencies …

Helping push them even higer.

Ronni Moas, fonder of Standpoint Reserch, explains this gold rush:

«The flood gate are opening. I belive there are hedge funds and very deeppoked individuals going into this now, really hundreds of millions of dollars»

And get this …

Fidelit, wich has $6,2 trillion in assets under management, has just partnered with Coinbase, the most popular criptocurency exchange.

Imagine what will happen if some of those trillions start moving into cryptos!

Simpli put institutional investors are jumping in with both feet. This is all part of thage 2 of my script.

And to priuve my point

Hire is an «Inside Scoop»…

Andreessen Horowitz and Seqopia Capital are two of the most highly respected venture capital firms in Silicon Valley.

That because they tend to see the major technologies trends before anyone else.

They’ve made billions by investing very early in social media companies like Facebook, Linkedin and Twiter.

Simply put, when this guys invest something new, you should pay close attention.

Well Forbes has reported that they are «secretly» investing in a cryptocurencies fund called MetaStable.

And I know that way before the media reported on it. How?

Because I’m good friends wit one of the founders of the fund.

Me and Tony Robins

Me and Founder of Fubu, diamond John

Me and Sharck Thank Star Rober Herjavic at Venture Capital Conference..

You see, in the last 30 years I’ve built connections that go from the head of Google X ( Google experimental laboratories)

To Peter Titel, Founder of Pay Pal and early investor in Facebook

To billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and «Shark Tank» TV show star.

I’m also connected with just about every big hedge fund manager in Manhaten…

And every major venture capital firm on both the este Coast and the Silicon Valley ..

I can see behind the scenes that the «smart money» is now getting heavily involved in criptocurencies.

My billionaire friend Marck Cuban is investing in it… Googöe is in it ,,, and so is billionaire Richard Branson.

With all this money Flowing in, Its No wonder Many Criptocurencies are Exploding this year.

Remember when I said you could turn a tiny grubstacke into retirement fortune?

Look what happened with a little criptocurencies called NEM

It has jumped as high as 291,142% in the last couple years.

Thats enough to turn a single §100 bill into $291,242.

Thats me then tree times what the average retire has in their retirement acount.

Amazing right?

Imagine adding almost $300000 to your nest egg…

in just a couple of years.

Thats the power of this smaller criptocurencies.

Or look what happened with another digital currencies called Ethereum ..

*The examples provided may not be representative of typical results. Your capital is at risk when you invest in securities – you can lose some or all of your money. Never risk more than you can afford to lose.

A small investment would have balloned into a retirement fortune of as much as 407,822 … in just a couple of years.

And slightly larger investment could’ve literally turned into millions.

For example, a $5000 investment in another criptocurency called SibCoin…

Could have paid a 2,8 million fortune … in a matter of months.

Isn’ that incredible?

No wonder the «smart money» Wants a piece of pie.

Look I recently had launch with several hedge fund managers and other «Wall Streeters» in New York…

And they where all asking me about criptocurencyes…

They want to know how to get involved…

Because they know we’ll NEVER see a boom like this again.

But while the smart money is Gooing All in … Every Day Folks Are Tottally in The Dark

If You don’t knok anything about cryptocurencies, don’t worry ,,,

You are not alone-

Despite the asive

investments  from the smart money

Despite all the newly minded millionaires…

And despite this exploding market…

Most people don’t even know what a criptocurency is …

To this date, less than one in ten thousand has invested in Bitcoin.

Just ask your friends, spouse and neighbors what they think of Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero.

I beat they have no clue what you are talking about.

Thats because the masses are NOT participating in this boom.

Not yet!

Profesor Panos M, Chair of Departaent of Economics at Long Island University in New York, agree wit me.

He said we are still missing a broad participation beyond the «pionners» and the early adapters.

And that’s the key to my 3 step script.

Remember, the biggest gain in any bull market throughout history only happen when the public joins the trend.

Its the masses that will push criptocurencies to the moon.

And that’s exactly Whats Set to Haoppen on February 2.

You see with criptocurencies minting new millionaires seemly every day …

This epic boom is starting to grab some headlines.

Take a look…

The Guardian

Michael Novogratz

Brian Kelly

Henry Blodget

With criptocurencies gaining publicity…

The masses will Not remain on the side line for much longer.

In fact I want you to mark February 2 on your calendar…

Because this single event is About to Catapult Cryptocurencies into the third and Most Explosive Stage of the Boom.

Simply put its event will trigger a buying frenzy..

And help mint round cripto milionaires.

You see Big teck companies like Microsoft and Overstockcare already accepting Bitcoin as form of payment.

But what would happen if the worlds largest online retailer started doing the same.

We are about to find what…

Because with the popularity of Bitcoin exploding …

With people like Bill Gates sayng criptocurrencies are the future of money …

And wit big economists like Japan legalizing Bitcoin as form of payment …

I am certain that Amazon will Accept bitcoin.

They have no choice. And this will be the tipping point that will create massive generational wealth unlike we*ve ever seen before.

Of corse only Amazon CEO Jef Bezos knows for sure the exact date this will happen …

But given the company historyof staying ahead of this retail rivals …

Amazon cloud make the anuncement as early as February 2 at 4pm during its next earnings conference call.

Wich is way you need to act Right NOW.

You see, EBay, Amazon principal competitor has already expressed interest in accepting Bitcoin payments.

And according with Oversthok CEO Patric Byrne, Amazon will soon have no choice but to start accepting Bitcoins. He Said:

They have to follow suit. Ill be stuned if they don’t, because they cant just cede that part of the market to us, if we are the only main large retail site taking Bitcoin.

Look Amazon Web Services has already been working with Digital Curreny Group, one of the biggest investors in the cryptocurencies technology.

And Amazon executive Scott Mullins has confirmed it…

Amazon is working with financial institutions and cryptoexperts to spur innovation and facilitate frictionless experimentation.

Acording to my research, they could make the anuncement by February 1

Once that hapeenes, the impact on criptocurrencies will be huge.

We’ll see a buying frenzy like never before.

It’ll be like never before.

It’ll be like black fridey crowd at best buy.

Only those who get in early will get a good deal.

Most people will be left out.

Thats why I urge you to get in right now…

Get ahead of the crowd…

Ahead of the massive buying frenzy that will push cryptocurencies straight up.

Like I showed you today, every boom follows this 3 step script…

First, only early adopters bought Bitcoin.

And now we are about to enter the third and most explosive stage of the boom in criptocurencies.

If you get in before  februar 2

You will have a rare chance to turn a small, early investment into a retirement fortune.

After that date this window of opportunity will be slammed shut forever.

You will never see an opportunity like this ah´gain …not in your lifetime.

But Do not Rush To Buy Every Criptocurency Out Tere!

You see right now there are 840 cryptocurrencies available.

And if you blindly buy any of those ..

There is a 95% chance you will lose all your money.

Thats because 95% of them ar worthless and will eventually go to zero.

Hire is the truth you wont hear anywhere else …

Many of this digital currencies don’t have the technologa necessary to make them a viable form of money…

Some can be printed willy -nilly..

Other can be easily haked

And others are simply a scam.

How do I know that?

Because aside from being a computer coder myself…

I know rather computer hackers who have looked into the code of this curencies

or example one of my contacts analyzed the cryprocurencies The DAO .. and discovered it was very susceptible to hacking.

I stayed away from that specific digital currency.

Sure enough, it was hacked … and investors los milions.

Look, I’ll be the first to concede that most of these miny criptocurencies are risky speculations…

But if you are avoiding all cryptocurencies , well ..

You are costing yourself tens of thausends … even millions of dollars!

Becoause the true is …

Cryptocurencies are hire to stay ..

They are doing  to money what the internet did to mail.

Its the future of money.

Saying criptocurenci are going away its like saying the internet is going away.

Its not going to happen .

But you’ll only make money if you buy the RIGHT criptocurencies.

Remenber what happened during the 1990s tech boom?

I personally made $15 million in 1998 alone.

And … those who invested in enduring tech companies like Amazon, Google and eBay got ery very rich

At the same time, score of fullish day traders and ipo junkies got crushed..

Because they invested in the wrong tech companies …

Companies that that were wortless garbage.

That nhistory is repeting itself right now in the cryptocurency space .

Only a handfull of this digital curencies aca really help you make money…

And I want to show you wich ones .

Evrithing You Need to Know is Inside this Free Package

To hepl you get started, I’d like to send you this free pakage

Wich include my brand mew book and an exclusive 6 videos series Masterclas on criptocurencies.

Tis pakage is no available on Amazon or anywere else ..

But I reserved a feree unit for you today.

Inside The book Cryptocurencie s101 : How to Make a Fortune From Digutal Currencies, oul descover…

The Number 1 one cryptocurencies to buy now (No is not Bitcoin)

Its alredy up 3,432 this year alone.

But that is just the begining. With Fortune 500 companies, like JP Morgan Chase, Intel and Microsoft, investing in this curencyes … the potencial  hire is realy explozive.

Even better… its trading for a fraction of bitcoin price.

But it wont remain chap for long. See the details in the page 50.

The number 1 mistake criptocurencies investors are making right now.

This could be the most important part of the book

Because a lot of people who are making this mistake will get wiped out.

But you will not be one of them. (see page 24)

The computer gheek secret to make sure your criptoacount will NEVER be haked.

Hint: You can do this even if yoabout computers. See page 51u know nothing

  • The  tree step screening proces my team of venture capitalists used to poket $1,8 milion in a matter of monts.
  • With this 3 simple steps, you will be able, to tell wich criptocurencies are legit and wich one are scam.
  • If acurenci does not chek all these 3 boxes, forget about it. (page 60)
  • How to invest in the booming criptocurencies industrx directly from your retirement acount. Wit this secret you will not need to fill out extra paperwork … or open an acount with a digital currency broker.
  • You can even use you IRA. Simply follow my instructions on page 65.
  • And much more…
  • You will find everithing you need to get started inside this free book…
  • From philosophy behind digital curencies … to opening an acount… to finding the right currencies to buy.
  • And dont wory … investing in cryptocurencies is so easy a kid can doit.
  • Just look at Erik F a 12 year old kid from Idaho. He started with a small investment of 1000 dolars in Bitcoin
  • And was able to turn that into 1,2 milion fortune.
  • If he can do it, anyone can.
  • And to make your life even easier…
  • This pakage also includes a never before Released 6 Video Series Masterclass on Cryptocurencies.
  • You see, rather than just leaving you with a book, I wanted to wolk you step by stepthrough entire proces… on camera.
  • So hire is what I did…
  • I used my contacts in Neuw Yorkto select for people who know nothing about cryptocurencies.

I put them in a room wit me … and got the cameras rolling.

These are everey day folks like you.

People who want to make a fortune from cryptocurencies…

But dont know how to get started.

I wantet to prove to you that anyone can do this.

I ve recorded  everything and id like to send you this 6 video masterclass for free.

Ill personaly hold your hand and teach you everything I know about how to make money from kriptos.

In a moment, Ill show you how you can acces evriting.

Firs you might be wondering why Id go through all this work…

Whay not just keep this informationto myself and make a fortune?

To answer that let me tell you astory that explains evrithing…

How My Bank acount Ballance whent from 15 Milion to just 143 As I mentioned, Im alredy profiting from cryptocurencies…

And my team of venture capitalists even banked 1,8 milion recently.

But life has not allwais been this easy for me.

You see a few years ago I los my entire life savings.

Back in 1998, I made $15 milion when I sold my firs company, caled Reset.

But I was Young and Stupid.

And Within tree and a half years, I went from milionaire to heaving just 143$ in my bank account.

Let me tell you …

Its not a good felling when you have no clue how yul ll pay your mortage or your childrens education.

I was so broke and depresed that suicide crossed my mind.

I thought mybe my two little girls wold be better of with the $4 milion payout from my life insurence policy.

But then I recovered … got my act straight … and launched new, succesfull business.

And hire I am…

Today I’m doing everithing I can to make sure my kids and grankids will NEVER go through the financial nightmare I went through.

And I dont wnt You to go through that either.

Today you have a once in a generation chanse to secure a confortable retirement … once for all.

Sincerely belive those who take the right staps today could make a killing from cryptocurencies.

A year from now, you could be traveling around the world, spending time in your new luxury home in the south of france…

Or simply drinking a cocteilwith your loved ones in some exotic beach…

With the place of mind that only comes when you KNOW you will never have to worry about money again.

I,m tolking about making enough to fund you entire retirement…

And stil leve money for your kids and grankids.

You can Get Started Today wit this free Cryptocurencie Pakage.

Hire is Haw to clim it.

Even though cryptocurencies are the best investment opportunity Ive seen in my 35 years carrer…

Its not the only investment trend I follow.

In fact, on the first weekday of every month…

I publish a montly income and oportunity brefing called The altucher Report.

I decided to launch this brifing because I know America is changing in profund whays.

If you wnat a confortable retirement…

You can no longer rely on conventional institutions like the gouvernment, wall Stret firms or corporations.

The true is … if you dont chose the life you wnat to live…

Chances are, someone else is gooing to chose for you.

And the results are probably not going to be prety.

And that is my mision in Althucher Report…

To help everyday American retirrees and their reliance on conventional institutions …

And Lern how to grow your whealt and create your own streams of income…

And learn how to grow your wealth and create your own streams of income …

So you can live your retirement exactly how you want…

Without ever having to worry ybout money.

The altucher Report is the only place where Ill personaly update you on emerging new whays to earn more income and grow your whealth.

I could be a business ideea ..

A potential deal with someone in my vast network of contacts …

Or an explosive investment in anew, disruptive technology.

Whenever I come across a unique opportunity, Ill tell you when to buy.

Ill tell you when to selll.

And I will give you all of my analisis behind each recomended move.

No guesswork.

It couldnt get easier.

And you can start by claming your free Criptocurencies Pakage.

Ill send it to your doorstep as soon as you take a risk free trial of the Altucher Report.

My hope is that for you as areader it will be like heaving a wealty friend whos in Sillicon Valey insider …

A friwend who s an insider Manhatan financial world ant in the publishing and media world.

I ll shere secrets, insights and ideas I promise you wont hear anywhere else.

But dont teke my word for it.

Hire is What Other are Saying About My wWork

«Tis man has changed my life, and the lives of thousnds of people that follow his every word. He is the mos valuable mentor I have»

Brian Rashid, Forbes Contributor

«I think that James is a national treasure and probably the most unique man anywhere right now in any kind of financial related media»

Prter Stansberry, fonder of Stansberry & Asociates Investment Reserch «James Altucher is scarry smart»

Stephen J Dubner, 3 Times New Zork Times best selling Autor of Freakeconomics

«James is verz onest about his life. Both his Succeses as well as his Failures. He is a relentless idea machine and forward thinker»

Don M.

I am glad mz work is alredz changing people lives.

And I want zou to be the next success stories…

Starting with the once in a generation opportunity in the cryptocurrency market.

I know there is nothing like my Cryptocurency Package available in the market.

But Ive seen some live cryptocurrency Pakage available in the market.

But Ive seen some live criptocurency training selling for more than 2000 $

So I know I could easily sell this package for 199 $ in Amazon….

And That would be an incredible bargain.

But I like I mentioned before, this is not for sale.

I*m making this available to my readers  only.

That means today this package can be yours free …

As soon as you tale a risk free trial to The Altucher Report.

And don’t worry …

You are not going to pay anywhere near $199 to take this risk free trial.

I ll tell you more about this special offer in just a moment.

First Id like to make this deal even sweeter by adding tree special gifts for you.

BonuReport #1 The 47 X Back Door Way to the Criptocurency Market.

During the famous California gold rush, those who mined gold made a fortune.

But they where not the only ones.

Those who provided miners with picks, shovels and other equipment needed for gold mining also worked away with fortunes.

The same think will happen with the cripto rush.

I found a handful of public companies that are involved in the sector.

And You can beat the market with them, and make 5, 10, and even 20 times your money in in the coming years.

For example … take my cryptocurrency stock no 1 …

This company produces the chips that are essential for the cryptocurrency industry to function.

No wonder the stock has already jumped 771% in the last couple of years …

In a time when the stok market wen up just 16%

That means you could made 48 times more money than the overall market … just in the last couple years.

And that’s just from one stock.

Ive identified two other opportunities … one in the retail space… and one in the cybersecurity space.

And inside its report you’ll get all the details on all tree stocks …

The ticker symbols … the analysis … when to buy … how much to pay etc.

This report is yours Free when you take a risk free reial of The Altucher .

Bonus Report # 2 Make 1000% from the Seven Biggest Money Making Trends in America

Most people never make 1000% procent on a single investment their lifetime.

But if you understand whats about to happen next … it really is possible.

And thanks to my extensive network that goes from wall Street to Silicon Valley …

I tend to hear about investment ideas BEFORE they become popular.

And that’s How you make money Big Money … by getting it before the crowd.

This is exactly how I’ve made some great gains in recent years, including …

&000% on an early investment in Buddy Media (a social media platform now owned by Salesforce)…

26000% on an early investment in Tiketfly (a competitor to Tiketmaster, wich lets you purchase tickets to events online)…

1200% in a little  known cloud computing firm …

But that’s te past …

Looking ahead, I’m now focusing on the seven newest and most important big trends in America today .

And for each trend, Ive already identified the best way to play it in the stock market.

That seven stocks that can help you make 1000% gains in the next few years, as this trends «go mainstream»

Youl find all the details inside this second gift .

You also yours Free when you take risk free trial The Altucher Report

Special Bonus Report #3 The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth

The list price of this hardcover is currently $22,46 on Amazon.

But I’ll give you an electronic copy of this book … absolutely free as part of this offer.

This 279 page book is jam packaged with some of my best income secrets that I personally use to survive and thrive in he new American economy,

For example, you’ll discover …

How to make huge reliable gains with amazon!

You ll be amazed when you learn how one of my friends is using Amazon to make more money than 95 of CEOs in the corporate world…

Without owning a company, sourcing products or hiring employees .. (see page 181)

How to eliminate your debt in 30 seconds or less.

Youll discover a secret method you can use to get rid of your mortgage and credit card debt.

It has nothing to do with declaring bankruptcy, moving or hiding your assets … and its 100 legal.

But I have to warm you … this strategy is not for every one. (See page 2018)

  • How to use my idea Matrix to create your own income … and never rely on corporate America or the government again.!
  • Worried about depending on Social Security checks?

And much more…

If you respond today to this special offer, you’ll get immediate access to all of those moneymaking secrets for free.

Just to recap Hire Evriting Youll Get…

  1. My exclusive Criptocurrency Package, wich includes my brand new book Criptocurency 101: How to Make a Forzune from digital Curencies and my video 6 series Masterclass (value 199)
  2. 12 issues of The Altucher Report (Value 99$)
  3. Bonus gift #1 The 48X back Door Way to the Cryptocurrenci Market (value 39$)
  4. Bonus gift #2: Make 1000% more from the seven biggest Money Making Trends in America (value 39$)
  5. Bonus gift no 3 An electronic copy of my book The chose Yourself Guide to Wealth (Value $25)
  6. Special members only … email updates wondering what to buy, sell or hold? As a member, you’ll receive updates every single week on every important piece of news relating to the markets and any of the ideas I may recommend in The Altucher Report (value 19$)
  7. Acces to the Altucher support Team. As a new member you’ll receive complete access to my support team, wich can be reached by phone or email between the hours of 9am and 5 pm. Est, Monday through Friday (value19$)

Tats a total value of 439 $!

But with today special offer, you ll Not py anywhere near that.

Hire is what I propose.

Take a Full Year To Try It – No Presure

Because of Today unprecedented situation in cryptocurencies …

And because you probably don’t fully know me well

I want to make it easy and hassle free as possible for you to try my work.

So I asked my publisher to lower the price down to a level that would barely cover our publishing costs.

And we agreed a incredible deal. Instead of paying the full value of the $439 … Youll only pay a tiny fraction… 49$!

And it means that for just 13 cents a day, you can have a full years subscription of the Altucher Report.

And you get everything else I promised today … including my Cryptocurrency Pacage.

Ive also prepared a special «risk nothing» keep everything » guarantie.

When you sign up for T Altucher Report well give you a full year to test out service-at no risk.

During that year, you will get 12 new  issues one a month.

If during those first 12 months, you find you are not satisfied with The Altucher Report…

You can simply call or email our customer service team and cancel your subscription.

We’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

And will let you keep everything you receive during your year as a subscriber – at no charge.

You can keep your book Criptocurencies 101: How to Make a fortune From digital curencies.

You can keep your 6 video series Masterclass on Cryptocurencies.

You can keep all the issues …

And you can keep All tree bonus gifts.

You can keep everything. This means there is no risk to you at all.

Its our way of saying thank you for giving The Altucher Report a try.

But Please Let Me Know Before February 2 precisely Estern

Dozens of criptocurencies could explode 100%, 500% and even 1000% or more … that day alon.

If you weit until after the anuncement, I am afraid it will be too late.

The opportunity will be lost forever. Remember, this is the biggest boom in history.

You will never see this again… not in your lifetime.

Tis is your only and last chanse to turn a tiny grubstake into retirement fortune.

It sure sounds impossible, but you know its Not.

It already happened with Bitcoin where just 100 invested seven years ago would be worth 6, 8milions today.

And now is happening again sith smaller criptocurencies.

Today I showed you how Alan A used these cryptos to turn 8,500 $ into /,5 million in just six months…

How Sen I. turned $15.000 into 3 million fortune…

And how I recently made an investment that returned 1,8 million from a single trade.

When you think about it like that you simply have to respond to this offer right away.

There is really no reason why you shouldn’t…

Dont waste any time .. or you will be left out!

Plese check on the boton bellow to clim you free Criptocurencies Pakage

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I sincerely hope you join us today.

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Thanks for reading.

And I look forward to welkomming you to The Artucher Report in the next few minutes


James Sig,

James Altucher

Investment Director The Altucher Report

August 2017




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