Warning: Don’t Call Any [blank] Until You Read This!

Today I read it in Gary Halbert Book “How to Make Maximum Money in Minimum Time” in page. 72 this article:
“Warning: Don’t Call Any Chiropractor Until You Read This!”

I had an epiphany. I was illuminated. And I decide to write my first post on my new web page. Today 22 Mai 2020.

I was astonished. I should stop reading and think of what Gary has there. I never felt that before. I was like a Good News. I mean like a Gospel.

Finally, I find the secret to be successful in marketing and in copywriting! God bless you Gary, wherever you are!

Warning: Don’t Call Any [blank] Until You Read This by Gary Halbert
Warning Don’t Call Any [blank] Until You Read This!

Dear reader,

Whay I write this article?

Because I want to bless you like Garry Halbert bless me.

I will show you what I discovered today, in this small advertorial from Garry Halbert.

So, …

Where you see [blank] write your profession, or the problem, pain, solution, or a magic word. Just copy, paste and adapt it to your marketing.

People love news and read what’s new. Right? We don´t like publicity. It´s so boring. Right?

Hire is the example of Gary news title:

The “News Headline”

Warning: Don’t Call Any [blank] Chiropractor Until You Read This!

State the Problem/Pain

Did you know that not all [blank] chiropractors are the same? Yes it’s true!

Some [blank] chiropractors only understand [blank] Palmer method of spinal adjustment.

New Mechanism/Solution

While others [blank] are more [blank] enlightened, understand not only [blank] the Palmer method but also many [blank] new techniques that give a [blank] more rapid and complete relief to pain.

Describe the Problem/Pain

Do you [blank] hurt anywhere?

Do you have a [blank] chronic back problem or a [blank] recurrent nagging headache?

Show The New Solution

If so, you should [blank] visit a chiropractor who uses [blank] the new [blank] painless “acupressure without needles” mode of therapy.

Present the New Opportunity

You see, this [blank] new technology can be used on your very first visit to reduce your [blank] back pain or headache pain by 375% in just 15 minutes!

That’s the good news.

Only by New Mechanism. Limited

The bad news is that there are only [blank] three chiropractors in [blank] California who use this new method of [blank] eliminating pain and there is only one hire in [blank] Los Angeles.

Repeat the Only/Unique Solution

So if you need fast help you should call at (000 – 000 000) and make an appointment with [blank] Dr. R.J Layton who is the only [blank] doctor in [blank] L.A. using this new [blank] “stop pain” technology.

Free and Big Offer

By the whay, the first [blank] visit is free.

That was the template inspired by Gary Halbert.

So, now copy it, paste it and adapt it to your offer, product, service, salles letter, email, web page, etc,

Let me know in comments if was usefull for you. Give share, like or unlike. Thanks!

Marcel Felix

P.S. By the way, don’t forget: Be Kind and Protect our Planet.
God Bless You!